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Foxy Bingo is an English online bingo site that launched in 2005. The brand is owned by Cashcade which is one of the gambling brands owned by GVC Holdings PLC (LSE: GVC), a constituent of the FTSE 250 index.

A player mentioned, "This is not a good site. I was playing slots when I got a bonus round then, the game then froze. I contacted Foxy Bingo's customer service and they weren't interested. This as happened 3 times, even sent them screenshots, nothing was done. They are robbers."


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Anthony H247 says

My bonus funds have been "stuck" for 4 days there is nothing they can do apparently.
Customer service is a joke they just couldn't give a toss."

David says

"AVOID FOXY BINGO AT ALL COST (try Sky bet, Coral, Ladbrokes, Virgin games, anything but foxy)

It is very easy to put money in but when you want to take your money out... Problem! I created an account and did my first deposit. Then suddenly I couldn't log in anymore.
Everytime you want to get help from their support you need to wait about 3 days for 1 email .

I highly recommend other websites like Coral, Ladbrokes, skybet, never had any issue with them"

Michael says

"this site hardly ever works properly, again and again chasing up whats due with little joy from customer service, I wouldn't waste your time, far better sites elsewhere"

Mr E says

"Really bad experience on this site. After depositing a small amount I managed to make a tidy profit. How ever, in order to claim any winning they will have you jumping through hoops. After being required to send a picture of my bank card front and back I was a little suspicious. Even if you cover the three digit code it only takes less than 1000 attempts to guess it. Please do not invest in this site. I would suggest Ladbrokes or Betfred from my own personal experience.
This site is hungry for money and the information they provide on their website is outdated."

Michael Morley says

"Absolutely appalling site i deposited using my Mastercard tried to withdraw was told I couldn't withdraw using this method I would have to withdraw through bank transfer and would need to contact my bank for my Iban number.quick enough to take a deposit but more difficult to withdraw. Never had a problem with any other sites needless to say I closed my account and so did my partner think I will stick to gala bingo in future"

kelly says

"Disappointed in how much this site can take and not even giv a win! So many deposits and yet no wins no bonus. The new games/slots are the worst never a win or bonus!!!"

Emma Cooney says

"Used to like foxy bingo but now it is the hardest site to win on. Deleted my account just flushing my money away."


"One night I was scrolling through Facebook to see an offer pop up on my screen... “Spend £5, get 200 free spins”. So, I did exactly that. I made sure to check the terms and conditions (all available on the foxy bingo site) and made sure that I followed it exactly. After completing my sign up, there was no option to opt into this offer. After speaking to their live chat services, they confirmed all I needed to do was deposit and spend £5. A bit later I had deposited and spent £5, but there was no option to claim the free spins. I again spoke to their live chat who were super unhelpful.. asking me to send proof of their OWN promotion to a general email address. Horrendous.
Then to top it all off, I received a reply stating that my new account had opted into another offer and I wasn’t eligible for the 200 free spins, even though there wasn’t any options to opt into any offers. Absolutely scam of a company, avoid. Luckily, I’ve only lost £5."

Deborah Kemp says

"Despite legitimately meeting the requirements for a daily spin (deposit & spend £10) I have been denied the promotion. It would not load despite receiving inbox messages advising of my eligibility. I contacted the live chat only to be told that bonuses had been restricted on my account! I am furious. I have not abused any promotions. I wonder when they would have told me about this ‘decision’ had I not contacted them. The worker told me it was ‘temporary’ but I told him I will now close my account. What an awful way to treat a customer. They have also refused to allocate the ‘cashback’ that I have genuinely built up because that too is deemed a promotion/bonus. Really left a bad taste in my mouth."

Heather C says

"I registered a new account and deposited. It would not allow me to play on anything as it stated I had insufficient funds. A live chat advisor told me I had to verify my account which I then did. It then logged me out and told me my account was suspended after taking my funds. Disgusting. The advisors were not helpful. I am now waiting for my funds to be returned but this looks doubtful after reading these reviews. STEER CLEAR!!"

Gemma says

"They rob your money! Robbing customers of there winnings since they started. DO NOT TRUST THEM! My advice is avoid at all costs! They deserve to be named and shamed on every platform so new customers are aware of how much of a con they really are. They don’t even deserve one star! Absolute THEIFS!!"

kelly says

"Still all take. How can you take a full deposit and not give 1 single win??? Not random atall!!"

Sarah Korver says

"I Joined Foxy Bingo to see if this was any better than Gala, (Due to very much the same issue of the same people winning) My God! How wrong was I. Foxy Bingo was SHOCKING! Whilst playing a few games of bingo I started to notice to notice a pattern of at least 4 of the same (So Called) members winning mainly on 2 lines and Full House.. Now I know we can all have a winning streak if our luck is in,and win a few games as ive done in the past, but for theses members to be winning on EVERY NEW GAME! EVEN SHARING THE PRICE MONEY WITH THE SAME LITTLE GANG OF PEOPLE THAT KEPT WINNING! When you have a bingo room with 150-200 members playing i find this way too good to be true!! I won 1 game and jezzz I had to share it with one of theses con artists that obviously work for foxy! They cheat in otherways buy putting up a fake disconnection page up so you loose track of the game.. always seem to happen towards the END of the game, this happened at least 3 times, by the time the bingo came back on, the game had ended and you was no wiser weather you won or not.. at a guess its a way of scrapping winning tickets when they see a true member whos coming up close for winning?. Ohh let's disconnect the game so its scrapped, Rob the money and when they reconnected you and get you thinking you didnt win...! Absolutely VILE and certainly no shame with foxy robbing bingo using there workers to claim there money back again, because they even have the cheek to have a history of winning button in a room so members can click on it and can view all winners from the games and previous games! well... That game room history button is all you need to click on to see what a F%$#@!g bunch of robbing con artist foxy bingo is.. A clear patten of at least 5 users names winning games after games games! .. winning mainly on 2 lines and Full House £ 25 - £45 and the odd one line but not many! And for Foxy Bingo to make themselves look more of a bunch of con artist i left the room I was in and entered another bingo room...and suprise suprise the same users i left in the bingo room was in the other bingo room! Sorry to say but there's NO WAY you can in 2 bingo rooms at once. So it looks like they have all there workers linked to all bingo room with there usernames stealing money back from innocent people WHO have PAID cash to play bingo! The site is an utterly JOKE! After I discovered all this I discovered this link and major gambling companies have black listed foxy bingo, because of bull@#$% and lies! They will grab your 1st deposit and what they give you extra in pointless money that aint even real money in return.. and steal off you in broad daylight with no shame! Im suprised that this bingo site as not been forced to close down due, theres a clear pattern of evidence, and many others ive seen aswell.. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS DISGUSTING BINGO SITE! THEY ARE NOT A LEGITIMATE COMPANY OF FAIR GAMBLING, ONLY THEFT!"

Sylvie Murray says

"I wish I read the reviews first. I have a Mastercard. Deposits fine then I won 1000 pounds wouldn't put back kn the same card, I went on live chat a joke said register another card, I told them I didnt have one, I had to loose my money and now ice told them to close my account. Worst site ever, is this legal?"

Simon says

"Update. 5 days on, still no sign of the £50 foxy have stolen. I was asked to provide bank details and duly did on 3 occasions only to keep getting the same responses asking to provide the details, they even replied to the email where I had supplied the info, with yet another request for the info.

Faster payments are instant, it's been 5 days, I'll genuinely leave a 1 star review every day until my money is back in my account.

Having again contacted support their response is same old, give it x days, it's surpassed their original 2-4 days, then their subsequent message stating 24-48 hours, we are now at 6 days in an hour and still no refund.

Makes no odds to me to keep leaving these updates every day, hope it's worth it. Sure most would just walk away, that £50 was hard earned and I'm not going to be taken for a fool."

Simon says

"Here's how Foxy Bingo operate.

1. I signed up, no issues. Even got an email "You're completely verified!" - No problem.
2. Deposit £50 on my prepaid mastercard, no issues.
3. Go to play a game, logged out, try to log in again, your account is suspended.
4. Go to live chat, speak to Yvonne, she informs me i must wait 72 hours/3 days as my account was selected for a security check (convenient how it was immediately after depositing)
5. Go back to live chat, speak with John. I asked how i will get my money back as i'd read others saying they wont withdraw to mastercard (i.e what i deposited with) so i asked, i was told i must register a visa or paypal, i told him i have neither, so how will i get refunded my £50, he then told me it would be via bank transfer (only issue being, they dont have nor have they asked for my bank info).
6. Having lost patience, i told John i just wanted their head office/service address, and i'd quite simply put it into the small claims court, i asked for the address 4 times and was ignored, finally i was told (and this is copied and pasted) - "ou know what Simon, we are not allowed to disclosed any information of the Company like the business address"
7. Given that electraworks just received a £350k fine, and it being the LAW to provide company information when asked, AND the law to display company info, it seems odd that John informs me they are told to never disclose anything, whys that then?

I'll be submitting a claim in the SCC for the £50, plus costs, and i'll also be creating a dedicated site for all foxy bingo customers to come together and log their experience with this lot, and it will be entirely legal too so you can keep your cease and desists.

It may only be £50, but having read hundreds of others who strangely had their account frozen IMMEDIATELY after depositing, and your supposed support staff absolutely ignoring any and every request or query, i believe this is absolutely by design.

Seriously, anyone reading this, it isn't for show, they literally just stole £50 off me and wouldnt help in any way shape or form in even giving the briefest of ideas as to how or when i'd get my money back, infact when i informed John i'd just put it through the small claims, strangely my account went from suspended to closed, just like that.

Having just discovered my account is now closed, rather than "under review" i went back on live chat to enquire why, and again, try find out how and when ill get my money back. I got through to Leon, initially, fairly helpful, well.... that was until he told me my account was closed, a refund already sent, and that was that.

I asked Leon how that was possible given that the previous 2 reps told me under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can they refund to a mastercard, so i asked for confirmation, his response was (again, copied and pasted) - "Again, this will be returned to your mastercard" - Now to be fair, saying again insinuates he had already answered me, he had not. I then enquired as to how that was possible given his colleagues informing me it wasnt, i got no reply.

Honestly guys, if you cannot see how dodgy these lot are given my FACTUAL review (transcripts saved as evidence should trustpilot require them when Foxy reports this review, inevitably.) - I'll have a dedicated website and forum live within weeks, so all foxy bingo customers who have been shafted can collaborate.

Be careful. Allowing you to signup, getting an email saying you're fully verified, allowing deposits, and ONLY then blocking you, ask yourself why..... and also ask yourself if their so called "security checks" were valid, why is it my account went from that to CLOSED within 2 minutes of me informing John i'll just submit small claims court papers to get my money back.

I have all transcripts, and Foxy Bingo will wish they had just given me my £50 back, i've spent 4 hours and got NO ANSWERS whatsoever other than absolute attitude from all 3 live chat agents.

Stay away."

Gary McHugh says

"Terrible company foxy bingo or foxy games. I can not tell you how many times their promotions have not worked. You contact support and they will ask you if you took a screenshot of the promo after you opted in. That is total lunacy, their software and promotions never work but they expect you to prove you entered. This is 2020 php powered websites can record your entry as you click an opt-in button.

I am not exaggerating now 8 times out of 10 that you opt for a promo you will end up chasing it.

My final straw was on a "Play though £10 to get black friday bonus" I deposited played through £10 and their site had only tracked £3 in play. Contacted chat and basically he lied with the first bit of BS that came to his mind

It can take up to 24 hours for the site to calculate your play. That is just a lie plain and simple. All gambling sites record every bet and every payout the second they take place.

I can not state strongly enough PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE play with another casino these people are crooks and could not care less about your experience on their site.

You will notice they dont even respond to unhappy users here at all."

Ann Black says

"Can’t log in sometimes still no bonus since I joined in fact terrible"

Kenny Styles says

"I deposited won withdrawn 60 ok. Then won 400 suspended account a number of e mails took bank details 5 times so a manual cash out could happen. Eventually paid me what I won fair and square. Very horrible experience, American company hard to deal with and contact will never ever use this company if only I came here first. Then had a phone call from bank saying if I was in America as £600 had been tried to be withdrawn AVOID AVOID THIEVES"

Susan Kelly says

"50 quid dwn, 😥 not alot of good games, I know the bingo is rigged so same players win. Slots feel like you flushing ya money away, few wins but only enough to cover next game. I've come away feeling ripped of. Party casino are the best. 😁😁"

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